Room Designs

This creepy old place is filled with surprises, but its host is the worst yet.

It's hard to make a realistic looking cave, but if you have about $700 it's not..
Bodies piling up? No problem, build one of these guys to house all your homeless skeletons.
Die-ning Room
Some of this room's guests have died at the dinner table, but they still have some life in them!

Electric PsychoNew
Sparks! They're scary, so why not add them to your haunt?

When your house is haunted you have to start someplace, might as well be here.

Every haunt has one of these guys, but they are still worth while.
Hall of Chains
The endless hall of torment houses chains that rattle with the ghost's movements.
Haunted Library
An old library where suddenly the room comes alive with poltergeist action!

Crazy doctors, mad nurses, and dead things, "dead things Mikey!"

Lights Out TunnelNew
Hey that tunnel looks creepy, let's go down there. Uh why did the lights go out?
Possession Room
Watch a living person transform into something hideous before your very eyes!
Psycho Surgeon's Room
The doctor is in, and unfortunately, so are his mutant patience.
River Styx
A real river that generates from a pile of skulls, and has an old rickety bridge to cross it.
River Styx Deluxe
A more sophisticated version of the River Styx with a boat and flying gargoyle.
Skeleton Hallway
A dark cave-like hallway filled with animated skeletons that spring to life!
Storage Room
Looks like just another room filled with boxes and barrels, but look out! Rah!
Tunnel Of Terror
A great scare for complete darkness that gets everyone, not just the guys in front.
Un-Living Room
Want a creepy room with a spirit in the fireplace? Then look no further.
Vampire Crypt
A modest looking crypt with only one vampire in a coffin, or is it?
Zombie Trap
A delightful scare where the guests enter, and are joined by ghostly zombies.
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